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So you’ve read the contract. The costs look right and its time to sign-up! Fill in the form listed below and let’s get you on your way to a life that includes voiceover!

Joining The Voice Farm

What Does It Cost?

The cost for enrolling into The Voice Farm is just $399 for a 6-month service period. You can also take advantage of some annual rates and the opportunity to get your own microphone drop-shipped directly to you! Check out the details below!

What Do You Get?

  • Your Own Domain

    A personalized domain name: www.YourNameVoice.Com (that will point to your Voice Farm Silo page)

  • Hosting for Voiceover Files

    Web-based hosting space for all of your future voiceover files: never will you wonder if a file is “too big to send” just link to it!

  • Sharable Files

    Share-able files of all polished and edited voiceover files that you came into read to use as samples on your personalized Voice Farm Silo website that will be available at both VoiceFarmers.Com and YourNameVoice.com

  • Business Cards

    A count of 1000 personalized business cards for The Voice Farm! They’re a unique tool allowing you to instantly market your skills to anyone/everyone! (See a Sample of What Your Voicefarmers Cards Look Like!)

  • More Work

    Continued work, reading for The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network interests, that will also be showcased on your Voice Farm Silo Portfolio page.

  • Studio Deals

    A discounted rate for in-studio time to record voiceover reels for whatever you’d like at The 2GuysTalking East Studios in historic Downtown St. Charles, Missouri.

  • Graphic Services

    Web/graphical services to showcase new reels created at the Voice Farm or via 3rd party creators.

  • Coaching

    Continued coaching (both in voiceover and in learning to use your voice as a complete income stream) to make your experience in voiceover something fulfilling (something clearly missing from ALL of the other voiceover companies).

  • Network Meetings

    Regular planning and marketing meetings to network with other voiceover actors locally in the St. Louis area to learn more about how you can best market yourself and evoke common tricks of the trade to increase the income stream via your voiceover efforts.

You’ve read all about the value. You understand the quality of what awaits. Now it’s time to choose which package you want to use to make the foundation of your voiceover education experience! Choose below!






Other Services

Professional Demo Reels

Looking for a polished voice demo reel? Look no further! Rather than paying the $2,500 as they do on the East and West Coasts, have The Voice Farm compile YOUR professional-level Voiceover Demo for just $349. This includes the master edit file of entire demo so that you can do whatever you’d like with the master edit using the appropriate software.

Shut Up and Make My Silo

Are YOU another refugee from one of the many online voiceover companies? Sick of not having been provided a learning environment, were you were never given online tools to market your skill set? Still want to make the most out of your voiceover files and data? Have The Voice Farm create a Silo just for you! For just $399, you’re a short hop, skip and a voice-boxed jump from being ready to market your skill set

Even More Value

The Voice Farm is always working on all kinds of great discounts on computer equipment, software bundles, and local coupons so please do consider coming aboard. We’re eager to have people that are interested in “harvesting” the money that awaits after a company that’s clearly outside the box comes along to help you make money from – the voice box!