Answers to Frequently Asked Questions…

Read on below to learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Do you have one that’s not-yet provided here? Contact us today to send your question our way so we can add it to the listing here at The Voice Farm Frequently Asked Questions.

A: For just $399 (for a 6 month service period) you get:

•  A personalized domain name: www.YourNameVoice.Com (that will point to your Voice Farm Silo page)

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… Web-based hosting space for all of your future voiceover files: never will you wonder if a file is “too big to send” just link to it!

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… Share-able files of all polished and edited voiceover files that you came into read to use as samples on your personalized Voice Farm Silo website that will be available at both VoiceFarmers.Com and YourNameVoice.Com

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… A count of 2500 personalized business cards for The Voice Farm allowing you to market your skills to anyone/everyone! (See a Sample of What Cards Look Like!)

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… Continued work, reading for The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network interests, that will also be showcased on your Voice Farm Silo Protfolio page

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… A discounted rate for in-studio time to record voiceover reels for whatever you’d like at The 2GuysTalking East Studios in historic Downtown St. Charles, Missouri

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… Web/graphical services to showcase new reels created at the Voice Farm or via 3rd party creators

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… Continued coaching (both in voiceover and in learning to use your voice as a complete income stream) to make your experience in voiceover something fulfilling (something clearly missing from ALL of the other voiceover companies)

•  With Voice Farm, You Also Get… Regular planning and marketing meetings to network with other voiceover actors locally in the St. Louis area to learn more about how you can best market yourself and evoke common tricks of the trade to increase the income stream via your voiceover efforts.

A: Your potential voiceover customers are everyone from someone needing personalized voiceover on their cell phone, to corporations looking for on-hold and phone-tree processing – and everything in-between. The personalized marketing materials we’ll be giving you and your imagination are literally your limits to voiceover success.

A: You’ve got a couple of options here.

1.) The Voice Farm can act as your “Voiceover Agent” if you’d like (additional costs apply) to help you negotiate the best rate for the services being rendered. Our experience, knowledge and skills allow us to make sure that you’re getting the most for your talent.

2.) You can proceed on your own with whatever system you’ve used in the past to process transactions that you get via hits on The Voice Farm. Remember that showcasing updated samples from whomever (3rd parties, yourself, etc) is all part and parcel of the service that The Voice Farm offers. Again, one of the benefits of The Voice Farm is that you have multiple options when it matters, instead of NO options when you need them!

A: Every voiceover artist at The Voice Farm has at least 1 “money voice”. Let The Voice Farm help you find yours. Based on a read of one of our many “Core Scripts” we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you find YOUR “money voice” and get into the slot that begins to make you the cash to supplement your income.

A: Many of our founder/core members left a previous career because of travel. While you may need to travel to a professional-level studio in your city for some of the assignments you’ll arrange in the future, there can be no doubt that if there’s a way to avoid travel, we’ll try to make it happen! Our intent is not to send you across the world, but to make it so that you’re making the money to get to a local, viable studio, to complete the jobs you’ve secured by marketing yourself appropriately.

A: Some of the most amazing, successful voiceover artists have had “the one voice” but they’ve all tried something else at one point or another. Having more than once voice to lean on is a good thing, and makes your “Swiss Army Knife” factor all the more powerful.

A: Not only do we have a referral system, one of the things we always encourage is for a Voice Farmer to always be on the look out for other great, unique voices! In a drive thru, people that call you on the phone, people you meet at gatherings everywhere – the goal is to harvest more voices! Additionally, the custom business cards that you receive provide you the opportunity to share your Voice Farm Silo, and Voice Farm with would-be voiceover artists everywhere.

A: The Voice Farm is able to provide a wide array of services for you to make your voiceover experience the best possible! Want us to act as an “agent” and you literally are just providing the voiceovers? Fine! Want to be “the man/woman in charge” and handle your own business with us providing the promotional stream for you only? We’re good with that too! Just tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll get the appropriate price for services implmented and you’ll be on your way!

A: Few things are ever “sure” but – we know one thing: If you’re voice isn’t on the Internet to be shared and explored, you’ll score ZERO voiceover projects. Our hope is that you, along with thousands of others in history, will find that job that allows you to score a large contract that takes you into the stratosphere – after which you will be sure to inform everyone where you started it all. The Voice Farm is all about showcasing talent, and providing a learning environment to not only have engaging fun, but to make money.

A: Absolutely. The point of us helping to get you started, is that you’ll take the content we help make for you, and become successful. Isn’t it funny to hear someone else tell you that their goal is to make you successful? The faster you get successful, the more work you’ll have, and the more people you’ll tell about The Voice Farm, our services and more!

A: Each contract lasts a period of six months or “a season.” That way, if the service isn’t for you, you’ll be in, get the full experience, and be able to decide (with real experience and benefit either way) on whether or not to continue your Voice Farm learning experience.

A: A professional demo of your available work can be created for just $349 at The Voice Farm. When you compare this price, and the auxiliary benefits The Voice Farm offers for it’s membership price – one thing’s sure – It’s time to SIGN UP.

A: We’re working hand-in-hand with several online websites to not only harness the musical skill sets of musicians around the world, but to bring their music and talents to the realm of voiceover. Are you a musician that hasn’t yet thought of creating 30-90 musical loops that could be used inside our voiceover efforts? Contact The Voice Farm today and let’s begin another relationship that nets us great, original music beds, and provides you a canvas you’ve never even thought of! It’s another WIN-WIN business model that The Voice Farm is interested in sharing with you!